Friday, March 24, 2017

New Discover Challenges Dogma

There is recent research archived from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center which developers suggest there is a SNARE like model of proteins that challenges the Dogma theory. Researches suggest this may be textbook changing for the future. The article explains how the SNARE model drives fusion processes'. In addition, they interpreted that the SNARE model is also a multipurpose platform for proteins to bind to receptors. This SNARE model is more efficient than the Dogma model. Scientist Rizo says, "These two systems are the furthest apart from each other in terms of biology and evolution." Therefore, stating that this is a breakthrough for research and understanding what drives fusion in microbiology.

I found this article interesting because we were just discussing the Central Dogma theories in class last week and hearing about new breakthroughs sparked my attention. Hearing that something is textbook changing opens a new idea that there is much to be discovered out there. This research even had Nobel Prize scientist Randy Schekman deliver exclusive backup to this new system and support the role of the SNARE and its additional protein role. Therefore, science is always backed up by different views and if its ultimately true it will make sense to more than one researcher.

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