Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Can We Build The Perfect Human?

Individuals have been presented with information from scientists that technology and healthcare can take us places we have never come close to going before! 

This can include chips in the brain to improve an individuals ability to think and transfusing synthetic blood. These things have the potential to make individuals live significantly longer, be able to run, jump, and talk much faster and more effectively. This study even included ways to edit genes to protect babies from disease. The researchers show a paralyzed man who received a chip inside of his brain which transmits his thoughts to his hand muscles bypassing the spinal cord injury he faced. I believe this is a fascinating topic and that we should be moving forward and being the best we can possibly be, since science and technology is progressing at such great speeds! I cannot wait to hear more on this in the future. 


  1. This is a very interesting topic. How technology and science are growing together in these past couple years are amazing. I think that building a perfect human can be a moral issue. Although it sounds like a great idea medically, there will be some people to deny this because of the fact it can allow humans to run faster and jump higher. This will also create a conflict with athletes. It can be unfair to those athletes who do not get a chip. It can help individuals greatly who need the help. For example, the paralyzed man who received the chip in his brain. I am excited to see how this furthers as time moves on because scientists are discovering new things everyday.

  2. The relationship between science and technology growing at great lengths together is very interesting. It's amazing that brain chips and such can help people who are paralyzed. However, at the same time, it's conflicting since technology and science can lead to some crazy things.