Saturday, March 25, 2017

Amazingly fast, cheap genome sequencing: Zika virus mosquito genome assembled from scratch

In this article, a team of Baylor scientist has developed a new way to sequence genomes, which can put together the genome of an organism, all from scratch, drastically cheaper and faster.  Scientist have developed a new idea to sequence genomes, which can assemble the genome of an organism, entirely from scratch, dramatically cheaper and faster. The ability to quickly and easily generate a reference genome from scratch would open the door to creating reference genomes for everything from patients to tumors to all species on earth. 
What I found interesting is that they can now make a whole human genome under $10,000. It use to take 10 years and $4 billon, to make a sequence, but now it has changed to much more cheaper and faster way. I think that it was difficult for them at first to discover and combine all the ideas because they were so many. These scientist really outdid themselves, they also assembled the genome of the Culex quinquefasciatus mosquito, which I found to be extremely intense in my opinion.

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