Friday, February 3, 2017

Sharks evolved to resist cancer

Studies at Nova Southeastern University have found that great white and hammerhead sharks possess genes that have evolved hundred of millions of years to resist cancer and accelerate wound healing. It is amazing to see how sharks and rays have become the efficient predators they are today. Their immunity has adapted to resist disease and allow them to regenerate at high rates.

Scientists found two genes, legumain and Bag1, that help sharks combat cancer and the interesting thing is that these genes have their counter parts in humans. This can better help scientists find possible alternative solutions to cancer therapy.They also found that sharks contain certain antibodies that accelerate healing from open wounds. Although, the all of the data is still in process, it presents the potential for use in the future. 

I believe many of the solutions to our problems can be found right in nature. By studying this, I see great potential for using this science to heal wounds faster in human beings, and create a vaccine or serum which can make the immune system more resistant to cancer if not entirely. 

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