Sunday, January 29, 2017

Finding New Cancer Drugs in the Neighborhood

    Scientists from the University of Cambridge and Hungary have discovered a pattern cancer spread through organs. Neighbor proteins of the cancer act like a "spiderweb" and combine and interconnect causing the growth of cancer. They have discovered that making new drugs to target these cancerous neighboring proteins could disable the spread and growth of the cancer. However, this does not work with cancer developing in the lungs and breasts because the proteins networks do not interconnect the same way. The best moderate treatment for lung and breast is still currently chemotherapy. For the remaining common cancers, these scientists surveyed that there are already 200 drugs on the market that fight against these neighboring proteins that could be very effective in the future.

     I think this is great news towards advancements in cancer treatments world-wide. This article took my interest because it involves environmental factors around a big problem, cancer. Along with environmental factors I have read that they are the best opportunity targets for change in cancer growth. For example, nutritionists have been acknowledged for instructing cancer patients to change their environmental diet pH levels to change the nutrition growth of the cells throughout the body. This relates to this article because there are varying treatments that can be less painful and more effective when battling cancer. Not to mention cost effective too!

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