Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Salt Tooth

Most people have heard of a sweet tooth but in recent discovery, there is also a gene relating to a "salt tooth"! During a study, the people with a variation of the gene, TAS2R48, were more likely to eat too much sodium or acquire a "salt tooth". There is a correlation between people with high blood pressure and their salt-intake. The study was presented as the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions and many people found that identifying a gene like this is very helpful. If people know that they have the particular variation in the gene then they can be given individual guidance to help them prevent diseases like heart disease. People with the variation in the gene should eat about half the recommended amount of sodium (half of 2,300 mg).
When a gene like this is found it doesn't seem like it would be useful but then it was applied to a disease like heart disease it is very useful. I am curious to see the extent of the study and how far the identification of the gene helps other people. Maybe the discovery can lead to more identifications of genes!

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  1. This information seems useful to the American Heart Association. This can make it easier to identify people with a higher chance of having heart disease and if detected early, people could change their diet habits and make better lifestyle choices

  2. This article hits close to my stomach because I never considered myself to have a sweet tooth. Salty foods always seemed more enticing, but I eat them in small portions. However, for people who do have a problem with their salt intake, it would be beneficial for them to have the guidance needed for a healthy life.