Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Uncombable Hair Syndrome

 A recent study done at the University of Bonn and Toulouse have found three genes involved in forming the hair that are responsible for causing the "uncombable hair syndrome." The uncombable hair syndrome sounds exactly like what it is, hair that is extremely hard to comb. It could be due to either knots, frizzy, dry: which most of the times the people that deal with these problems try different things to see if they are the ones causing it. Either changing hair shampoo, conditioners, adding oils, trying different combs, changing the water temper to cold water instead of hot, the list just keeps going on. Since being announced in 1973, a little over 100 people have been diagnosed but scientist say that a lot more people have it, just most people don't go to a doctor for it where it would be record. Most people don't think too much of it an just deal with it. This syndrome is most noticeable in children, as a person matures the hair can turn somewhat normal.

The study was done by scientist from eight different countries working together. They were able to pinpoint mutations in three genes (PADI3, TGM3, and TCHH). PADI3 and TGM3 "contain the assembly instructions for enzymes, while the third --TCHH -- contain an important protein for the hair shaft"(Sciencedaily). The study found that if any one of these three genes has a mutation, it would affect the other two. This was shown in mice. In which a mice had either PADI3 or TGM33 mutated which lead the mice to have fur anomalies. This would lead to the uncombable hair syndrome in humans as well.


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