Sunday, November 20, 2016

Human Cloning?

Science has become the cornerstone of technological, medical, and social improvement within our world. Cures to disease, understanding DNA, vaccines, and are a few of many ground breaking steps that has been propelled by science, particularly in the field of biology. However, scientific experiments have been constantly undermined by social or religious attitudes of the current time. This was seen hundreds of years ago when Galileo was persecuted by the Catholic Church of heresy with surmountable evidence that the Earth wasn’t the center of the universe to the debunking of climate change by modern politicians (History, 2016). When it comes to human cloning, we can’t allow social beliefs to get in the way of more medical or technological breakthroughs. 
A website that prides itself on being the number one supporter of human cloning,, makes a lot of good points about the benefits of human cloning. This controversial topic is sure to upset many people who visit the site, however, the ideas put forth in this website are persuasive and very intelligible. Here are some of the key arguments that stick out the most.

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Human cloning has the potential to reverse the aging process, as well as reverse heart attacks. Other benefits include breast implants, necessary reconstructive surgery, kidneys, livers, and organs that could be organically developed from the patient. With all this stated, human cloning could solve ethical problems. For example, the human cloning foundation received many emails from parents that lost their babies from a tragic accident. Many of these parents believe that it is wrong to ignore this potentially revolutionary practice if it could salvage the identity of that particular child. Other ethical dilemmas that could be solved with human cloning include infertility and mental/physical disabilities. With cloning, it is possible to remove genes that will detrimentally affect people’s mental capacities (Smith, 2012).
         Essentially, human cloning is scientific & rational when used ethically, but opening Pandora’s Box could pose serious consequences as well. Human cloning has the possibility of being abused and corrupted. It could be used to cherry pick genes of future children, which most people would agree is off base. It would offend many religions, would cater to the rich since it would be very expensive, and could cause severe genetic abnormalities in humans (Utton, 2016). 
         Either way, there is no way to tell for sure what the implications of human cloning is until it is observed through scientific experimentation. Such experiments may be disdainful to the public, but it would play an imperative role in our understanding of genetics and medicine. The ability to clone particular organs would completely redefine medicine and could save countless lives. With so much potential backing it, I believe it deserves to be debated in a serious manner and considered for the betterment of mankind. 

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