Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Elderly with Alzheimer’s Pathology Found with Superior Memory

Scientists have been studying elderly patients over 90 years old who have superior memory abilities compared to their peers. After their death, it was discovered that some of them had widespread plaque and tangles in their brain, which are correlated with having Alzheimer; Despite the Alzheimer pathology present in their brain, they never showed signs of degenerating memory throughout their entire life.

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This new revelation has baffled scientists whom believe that this means there are some factors that are protecting these individuals from the plaque and tangles in their brain—something that makes them “immune to the toxic effects of plaques and tangles.” Their goal: To figure out exactly what these factors are and possibly help stop the further decline of neurons and memory for elderly affected by the Alzheimer’s pathology. Changiz Guela, the Northwestern Medicine lead investigator is planning on looking “at genetic, dietary and environmental influences that could confer protection for neurons against Alzheimer’s pathology.

This new discovery can lead to promising therapies and treatment in the future. It has the potential to save millions off lives and families. 


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