Friday, October 28, 2016

Customized Wine That'll Match Your Taste Receptor?

Vinome, a wine company based out of Northern California,  is pitching a selling point that their wine can be customized and made to fit the customer’s DNA. Although it may seem convincing that the wine company is capable of making one of a kind wines for customers that send in saliva swaps that can be compared to 10 different genetic variants. However, geneticist such as Dr. Jim Evans, a medical geneticist points out that there is not enough information to explain the genetics of taste buds. Human have different taste sensitivity to a variety of substances. The way in which individuals experience taste is determined by genetic mechanisms. Vinome is also promising that they will be able to analysis each individuals fitness and athletic training, weight and nutrition. This is also a promise the company has made that cannot be true because genetics involves complex genes and environmental factors.

            The company argues that with their team of geneticists they are not completely off track with determining what wines taste better based on genes for taste such as TAS2R38. There was an experiment done with 500 people to analyses 40 genetic variations. Each person taste different types of wine and fill out a survey towards the end of the experiment that asked the participants what wine they preferred. However, this did not convince geneticist because there was no control group in the experiment. The Vinome company should not use genetics as a way to sell their product. Although the company has their own team of geneticist it still seems as though the company is bypassing evidence that their products can keep the promises that they pitch of determining  the right wine for their customers.


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