Monday, May 2, 2016

South African Meat Snacks Often Mislabeled

South African Meat Snacks Often Mislabeled

          DNA analysis used to identifies the type of packaged meets that are in circulation in south Africa.
“For me the saddest finding was to find the Cape mountain zebra, an endangered species, being sold as biltong,” said Maria Eugenia D’Amato.
researchers have found that a lot of the meet was labels to be one thing, but turned out to be something completely different. 
“Our biggest surprise was to find kangaroo in the samples,” Dr. D’Amato
DNA sequencing was obtained from the meats then used to figure out what it was.

Opinion: this is scary. not knowing what your eating could cause potential health risks. however using DNA sequencing is such a great way to test the meats and find out what they are.  

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  1. Interesting topic, I have heard of likewise stories including Indonesians chopping and selling their native endangered trees in order to make money to survive. It's cool how DNA tests could identify the animals but really horrible to hear that the local Africans are killing and selling these endangered species. A potential solution would be to see what these locals need more of, say healthcare or shelter, and in turn aid them with that to suppress their killing of these endangered animals for profits.