Friday, May 6, 2016

Removing worn-out cells makes mice live longer and prosper

There are many advertisements and claims in regards to help live a longer and better life, but nothing has provided actual life changing results.

In this study preformed by the Mayo Clinic on February 3rd. They claimed removing "worn-out" or senescent cells from a mouse improves and increases it's lifespan. They also made the claim that clearing these cells would improve heart and kidney function. Senescent cells are cells that no longer function and cease to divide and do their duty. These cells are a main factor when aging, the p16 protein when designated to kill itself, it needs to bring other cells along with it. Mice whom were of ages equivalent to 40-60 year olds in humans were injected with this protein and its "partner chemical". Results included that senescent cells were easily killed off better in some organs than others. A downfall of receiving this treatment that senescent cells are crucial in wound repair, killing these cells delay the healing process, but once treatment has stopped the healing process can turn back to normal. This isn't to say that senescent is the only factor in aging but it is something new that we can work and build off of for future research.

This article really stood out to me because who doesn't want to live a long a healthy life? If this treatment or genetic therapy could be used in humans, this would not only create longer lives but also happiness for those who are scared and worried about their medical history which was passed down from their ancestors. With further research and experiments I personally believe that this discovery will be beneficial for man kind.

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  1. This is great but also scary. I always feared the idea for living forever, but gene therapy can do more than just that. Being able to help those that need it medically. Yet, to use it to fight off aging is probably one of scientists biggest task to do.