Friday, April 15, 2016

         An article from Discovery News talks about how some people have adapted to vegetarian diets better than others. I personally love to eat meat and found this article interesting to read. Based on what their ancestors ate, people have more of a tolerance for meat in certain areas compared to others. My family is from the Mediterranean and Europe. I do not have a lot of family from northern Europe where their culture has adjusted to the vegetarian diet and evolved the genetic mutation known as rs66698963. Honestly, I’m happy I am not from areas where the mutation have evolved because I cannot imagine not being able to eat a nice steak or a burger in the summer. 

         I think it is so fascinating that genes can vary so much depending where you are from. Genes from people from other states in America alone vary so much alone that thinking at a larger scale and comparing individuals from other countries baffles my mind. The mutation has such an affect that if individuals with the mutation stray from their vegetarian diets, they could have a higher risk than others for heart disease, colon cancer, and a variety of additional health problems associated with inflammation. But also think about this: if what your ancestors at affects your genes and your lifestyle now, how can your lifestyle affect the generations after you?

Here is another article about cultural differences in vegetarianism

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