Sunday, April 3, 2016

Marijuana Addiction Linked to Genetics

In a recent study, that people with a certain genetic markers are more dependent on the use of marijuana.  This condition is causing users of the drug to be so dependent on it that is basically ruining their everyday lives. It is estimated that 9% of marijuana users are genetically dependent on it. Another study was done where 14,000 Americans were tested and it came back that 18-36 % of all of them that used marijuana, were addicted to it. The study found that in a gene that is involved in regulating calcium concentration in the blood and a gene called the CSMD1 that is involved in the growth of the central nervous system are the possible causes as to why this condition is forming. The study found that these symptoms have been associated with the use but may not actually be the cause of it. It was also noted that depression and schizophrenia may also share some genetic factors with this new study.

This article is very interesting to me because I always have thought about how marijuana can be an addictive drug but a lot of people I know, think that it's not. Seeing this study helps show that it may not be addictive in all of us but there is a chance that it could be linked back to our genes.

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  1. I really like reading this post. I was always that person that said marijuana is an addictive drug. Many people I know argued against me.