Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Genetic Explanation for African American Susceptibly to Cancer 

AfricanAmericans tend to have a shorter survival period and higher death rates amongst other races when it comes to cancer. Researchers have studied socioeconomic factors to find an explanation. Others studied the genetic component. A single variant is the explanation. The variant have never been observed in Caucasian people. This variant can be crucial for providing improved prognosis and treatment that will result in lower death rates. 

In finding the variant, researchers focused on a tumorsuppressor gene that is mutated. This gene is activated in most cancers and only occurs in people of African decent. About 2-8% of African and African Americans have this mutation. The researchers tested the variant on mice and 80% of those mice developed cancer. The types of cancer in which the mice developed were the common cancers found in African Americans. 

This finding it truly life-saving! Now that scientists have isolated the mutated gene, accurate prognoses can be given. Different races may have different genetic explanations and these findings could start a revolution to finding the cure to cancer.

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