Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gene Gems: Ultrapersonalized Jewelry Encapsulates Your DNA

Inside Identity Ring

A man named Robert Grass found a new innovated way to develop technology to stabilize and store DNA. DNA is unique to everyone and with jewelry, especially for marriage, is an item you want to be unique. The process leaves DNA unharmed and leaves the sample able to be recovered anytime for future use or analysis for any reason. The process to preserve the DNA is to extract and purify the sample of saliva of a person and add chemicals to the liquid solution containing the DNA to promote growth and "fossilize" and encapsulate the DNA at room temperature. The resulting product would be a powdered glass containing tiny strands of DNA to place inside the article of jewelry The DNA would decay to half its concentration over to course of 1,000 years.

It is remarkable what can be done with our DNA. It doesn't just stop of giving something unique to a person, but what we can do to preserve loved ones once they leave this earth. Information that can help us down overall may not be able to be tapped into now but with preservation and technology increasing. The possibility of being able to tap into it in the future can maybe help major problems we face today. It is a nice feeling to have something extremely unique to give to another person.

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  1. I've seen this before and I absolutely love it! Its amazing what one bit of a person's DNA can currently tell you, imagine what can be discovered using it in the future? Aside from being a very unique gift it actually could also hold a lot of practical uses assuming the DNA can be still be evaluated after it has been turned into this glass.