Friday, April 15, 2016

Cause of VIbration Allergy Discovered

Is it possible for someone to have an "allergy" to vibrations?  This extremely rare condition is known as vibratory urticaria.  Symptoms of this condition are started by any type of vibration on the skin.  To someone, using a hand mixer may be part of a dinner routine, but a person with this condition may make their face go flush, break out in hives, attain a severe headache, or it may produce a metallic taste.  This condition is so rare that researchers have tracked down a few cases after years of searching.  A recent study that was done on three families that have the condition could potentially discover why this condition causes these symptoms.  The research was published through The New England Journal of Medicine and revealed that there was a mutation in the gene ADGRE2.  This mutation was found in 22 individuals that have the allergy to vibrations. It was not found in 14 of these affected people's relatives.  "The ADGRE2 gene provides instructions for production of ADGRE2 protein, which is present on the surface of several types of immune cells, including mast cells"  Researchers discovered that when the mast cells were shook in a petri dish, it causes two of the subunits of the receptor to break.  When it breaks, it releases histamine.  In the people with this genetic mutation, their receptors are more likely to break, which causes a response from their immune system. This response could be the reason that they break out in hives. 
This article really surprised me, because I never knew that people could have this type of reaction to a vibration.  The researchers probably had such a hard time finding people with this disorder since it is so rare.  It is exciting that they discovered the cause of this condition, because they may be able to use this information to reverse the effects that is causes. 

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