Tuesday, December 15, 2015

World's Largest Cloning Factory Can Clone Humans

The largest cloning facility is being built in Tianjin, China and has the technology capable of cloning humans, however due to public reaction. For now, the only clones this factory is planning to produce is cows, horses, and dogs. The facility will soon be able to charge $100,000 for the cloning families' deceased pet dogs. The company building the facility, Boyalife, is also looking into primate cloning to create test animals for disease research. This facility will also house up to five million frozen cell samples for future research. One of the most exciting upcoming projects that this company along with Sooam, their partner, is the cloning of the woolly mammoth by cloning cells that have been frozen for thousands of years.

I agree with Boyalife in the decision to not include human cloning. With all the pop culture and science fiction including plots about negative effects of cloning can put the public into a frenzy when news of actual human cloning is a reality. When human cloning comes to mind, the movie "Gattaca" also comes to mind. Other than that, it amazes me that technology has come so far that it is possible to now successfully clone humans. The cloning of other animals can lead to amazing research in a number of different fields and although it is extremely expensive it, is also equally comforting and disturbing to know that families can now clone their dead dogs.

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  1. It is both crazy and interesting that we can clone animals today based on the technology that we have and the technology that can come about in years to come to make it even better and more accurate. I agree with you that human cloning would do more bad than good, considering everything that has been happening in the world today. Maybe in the future it will be common to clone humans rather than just dogs and other animals.

  2. Its insane that years ago the thought of cloning a human was fiction and would be seen in cartoons and tv shows. The fact that this in now reality is outstanding. I still believe that, due to skeptics, no humans will be cloned. In my opinion i think they should try it.

  3. This is an amazing advance in genetic and molecular sciences to have the capability to clone extinct and deceased animals, as well as animals currently populating earth. These capabilities will certain spark an ethical debate among the international scientific community. It will be interesting to see the developing discussion regarding the ethics of these cloning trials.