Sunday, December 13, 2015

The article discusses a study done on packaged meats in South Africa.  Geneticists took several kind of meats that were labeled as Springbok, African antelope, and ostrich when DNA testing showed that they were actually horse, giraffe, and kangaroo.  146 samples of meat were tested and over 100 were improperly labeled.  All beef was correctly labeled.  Similar results were found in other countries.  The results will be used to help enforce food regulations.    

I found this article interesting because I'm astounded by how poorly food is regulated in foreign countries.  It makes me feel blessed to live in a country where such a thing is highly regulated.  I never thought geneticists would have to do such a thing.    

Here's the article  


  1. This actually raises some interesting questions about buying meat. If it is indeed improperly labeled, then it would be terrible for people who cannot eat pork or other meat due to religion reasons. The article even states that "ostrich" was a mixture of pork and lamb in some cases. Hopefully laws tighten up so that the labels will be proper, for the dafety of others.

  2. Do we really know what we are eating? most foods taste the same when they are cooked. once food is served regardless at a fast food place or restaurant. we tend to believe what the menu says without knowing what we are eating. that is scary