Monday, November 23, 2015

Genetic Mutation May Cause Drunken Recklessness and Poor Impulse Control

After years of research and studies done on levels of recklessness in people's actions while drunk, scientists have finally come across a gene mutation that can be linked to an increased level of drunken recklessness and impulsive behavior while drunk. They have identified that the mutation is occurring in a gene of the serotonin 2B receptor (thought to be linked to impulsive control).

Scientists conducted a study of 14 people that carry the serotonin 2B receptor mutation along with 156 non-carriers, giving them multiple questionnaires, screenings and reports of history drunkenness. After this study was conducted (in Finland) it was proven that the people with the mutation present all predict impulsive and aggressive behavior while intoxicated. More than 100,000 Finland residents are predicted to have this mutation (2% of the population to be more precise).

I believe that with more studies and studies done on larger population sizes, scientists could be on the right track to discovering how impulsive control and recklessness while consuming alcohol can be affected due to your genes.

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