Tuesday, November 24, 2015

'Anti-malarial mosquitoes' created using controversial genetic technology

     There are currently mosquitoes being genetically engineered that do not carry the gene for malaria. Creating these mosquitoes is a step in ending the malaria disease which kills over 400,000 people per year. The mosquitoes have been tested and mated, and 99.5% of their offspring do not carry the gene for malaria. Although this sounds like a great idea, there are apparent "unpredictable ecological consequences" that we need to be aware of.

     I believe that this is a great step in the ending of this awful disease. Since this disease is more regionally based, I do no think the ecological consequence could be that detrimental. The disease itself already kills 400,000 people per year, so i do not see how it is not worth a shot. Diseases like this need to be taken control over, and if researchers think they may eventually find a cure, then they should do whatever they think will come close to finding a cure.

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