Sunday, April 7, 2013

Muscle Aging is NOT Improved by Exercise

Medical News Today reports that the professor of Systems Biology in the School of Sport, Exercise, and Health Sciences at Loughborough University recently issued a press statement that overturned a concept that was long held true by the scientific and medical community.

Professor Timmons and her colleagues have observed that physical exercise has very little to no control over how well the muscles age in the human body.  It has been found that genetic pathways have been identified as the largest deciding factor as to how well your muscles actually age.  These processes are completely distinct from the processes that are regulated by physical activity.  In other words, no matter how much you exercise, genetics wins again...  Physical activity has NOT been observed to alter age-related biological changes.

A test trial on endurance took place over a 20 week time period with a group of volunteers.  It was discovered that through a specific pathway known as mTOR, only those select few who can genetically suppress this pathway are able to gain more lean muscle tissue mass with exercise.  For the majority of the people who could not genetically suppress the mTOR pathway, no amount of exercise could stop or slow their muscle aging.

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