Friday, April 12, 2013

Fat Related Genes Altered to Benefit Weight Loss Patients


Swedish researchers conducted a study reported in US News Health where they found that body-fat was better controlled after surgery due to an alternation of genes. The level of genes that are responsible for burning and storing fat change due to weight loss surgery. The study was originally published online in the Cell Reports journal with the conclusion that the researchers' results could potentially lead to the development of new drugs that would be identical to the surgery's control of gene regulation. When a person is severely obese, their genes are altered to make them have a poor metabolism and overall poor health. The weight-loss surgery allows for the genes to return to a healthy state in which they are altered to allow the body to lose weight and have an improvement in metabolism. The goal of this surgery is for obese people to lose weight rapidly however, having this type of surgery allows for type 2 diabetes to occur earlier than it normally would in these patients.


  1. This seems like an interesting affect from the surgery. I feel more genetic research should be done to see if any other genes are altered during the surgery, but it is good to know the genetic affects of a surgery that has been getting more and more attention in recent years.

  2. Interesting effects of this surgery, is type 2 diabetes inevitable in these patients?

  3. It seems to be that it is inevitable from what I understood when going over the information. The way it discussed the issue in the article it seemed that type 2 diabetes was going to occur regardless of whether the surgery occurred or not. Hopefully if they conduct further research, this issue can be avoided however it is possible that once a person has done that much harm physically to their body that there is no turning back.