Thursday, April 11, 2013

A new way to study nervous system cell death

In this article Michael Lehmann a professor in biological science finds a new way to understand cell death in the nervous system. They use fruit flies to find the nmda receptor, which triggers cell death. This is important for today to help understand the affects of nerve diseases. This article is important since today you hear about Alzheimer’s and diseases like that.  It also shows the cell death in the human immune system which can help understand hiv and aids.  In order to study cell death researchers ar using salivary glands in fruit flies larvae.  Brandy Ree who has worked with Lehmann in an attempt to define the pathway that leads from activation of the receptor to the cell's eventual death.  There will be further studies as the group was granted a three year 260,000 dollar grant.  I looked up cells of the nervous system and learned a lot about each cell and what its function is so I thought I would share it.


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