Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sleeping Beauty Helps Cancer Investigation

In a recent article, doctors from Cancer Research-UK Cambridge Research Institute, have produced a new study to identify how groups of genes form colorectal cancer.  A gene now known as the " Sleeping Beauty" gene was used within this new study; which profiled the specific genes that produce colorectal cancer.  This type of cancer is found withing polyps that develop within the gut known as Tubulovillis adenoma.  During this study, mice were tested by screening them for cancer genes withing comparison to data of human tumours. While undergoing tests, these scientists were able to identify two hundred more genes that can cause cancer which will uncover a huge piece of this puzzle.  Although cancer is mainly caused due to corrupted genes, this study can positively help out with with the trace of pathways to colorectal cancer by treating it in its earlier stages, saving many more lives.

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