Thursday, December 8, 2011

Heart Disease, Stroke Deaths Continue to Fall but Costs Remain High

In this article, American Heart Association reports that America is winning a battle against heart disease and stroke mortality, but is still losing the war. From 1997 to 2007, the heart diseases have declined by 27.8 percent, and stroke death rate has fell by 44.8 percent. However, the number of patients treating for cardiovascular operations and procedures has increased by 27 percent. The heart disease and stroke remain among the leading killers of Americans. Even decline in death for both heart disease and stroke patients, VĂ©ronique L Roger, believes that we need to still provide superior care and treatment so that heart disease and stroke patients can live longer. American Heart Association statistics show that more than 67 percent of adult are overweight and that 33.5 percent of adults 20 years and older have high blood pressure and of that 80 percent are aware of their condition and less than half have it under control. The new 2020 Impact Goal has been put in place to track the results. The goal is to improve health and reduce the risk of disease and having a stroke. Mr. Roger believes that we can accomplish this by closely monitoring your diet and weight and increasing physical activities and other related to health. The new statistical update mentions that genetic factors play a big role in cardiovascular disease. I found this interesting because nowadays more and more people are going to hospital due to heart diseases. It is interesting to know that this goal is put in place to improve people’s health condition.


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  1. Although all of these statistics are upsetting and call for change in health habits, the stat about increase in cardiovascular procedures might be a good thing. With the advancement in technology and overall understanding of the vascular system, certain procedures can help the patient stay healthy for longer.