Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gut Bacteria Linked to M.S.

In this article researches have possibly linked gut bacteria with multiple sclerosis (MS). They found in mice that even normal intestinal bacteria triggers this disorder. Some mice were genetically engineered to receive MS but without any gut bacteria they did not get the disease. But once germ free mice were injected with the bacteria they developed MS. Previous research has shown that intestinal bacteria has caused MS, diabetes and arthritis. Gut bacteria though helps the immune system develop properly. The possible link of MS and gut bacteria needs further research to see whether or not a faulty immune system that reacts inappropriately to gut bacteria, or if some specific bacterium sets off the chain reaction.


  1. This is very interesting. My mother has MS and the treatment for the disease is brutal, she suffers with nausea and dizziness all the time. Also, the doctors are constantly changing her medication because she has a rare form to where the cause is unknown. This disease does not run in our family she is the only one to ever have the disease in our family and maybe it is due to this gut bacterium. Reading your post and the article gives me hope that maybe they will discover more effective medicine for treating this disease, and maybe one day find a cure.

  2. This is very intriguing since I just recently did a blog posting on how the buildup of bacteria in one's mouth due to infrequent dentist visits causes forms of heart disease whether it be a stroke or heart attack. It seems unfortunate that our bodies can cause a lot of harm to even ourselves whether we can control it or not.