Monday, November 30, 2015

Mind Control Genes

Scientist have developed a way to control genes in mice with their minds. An individual wears a headset what is connected to an implant inside a mouse. With the proper control, the person is able to turn on a gene in the mouse. This is shown by a light that is turned on when the proper signal is sent. Genes are what dictate how much of a particular protein is made. Therefore, a person is able to adjust the flow of proteins in an animal just by thinking about it. With some ingenious thinking, this can be applied to the treatment of diseases and help with some mental disabilities.

When an individual has an epileptic seizure they produce a specific brain wave. This brain wave can be the signal to turn on a gene inside the person’s body to help with the epileptic seizure. Therefore, the seizure can start being treated before the person even knows that anything is happening at all. This can dramatically decrease the damage from the epileptic seizure and potentially save lives.

In addition to discovering how the brain works, it’s exciting to see a new rapid response for mental disabilities. Also, I believe that this can be applied to other medical fields such as the heart. A person at risk of a heart attack could have blood thinners immediately released into their system before they even know they are having a heart attack. This technology has more than enough potential to save lives and bring comfort to many people at risk.


  1. This is extremely interesting to hear about especially about how it can help with the treatment of diseases and mental disabilities, but the science-fiction loving side of me cant help but think about all the movies and books involving mind control! This mind control gene is limited to controlling the different protein flows within mice, but who's to say that further research can't lead to even more being controlled?

  2. That's pretty awesome that genetics have found mind control in mice, so far, to help with the treatment of diseases. it's also pretty freaky because it can get out of hand for some scientists/doctors if brought into the everyday world with humans.

  3. I find this to be amazing due to the discoveries genes can help see a rapid response for mental disabilities and for epileptic seizures. It is crazy and extremely helpful in the medical field to research and help individuals who do suffer from epileptic seizures and decrease the damage.