Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Clues To How Gene Affects Women's Body Shape

This article brought caught my attention as it describes how women with larger hips tend to have a
lower risk of type II diabetes. It's all linked to the gene KLF14. This gene seems to be master regulator of how and where a woman's body stored fat. Researchers have done some work and figured out exactly how the gene variant works. It regulates hundreds of other genes active in fat cells and changes the structure and function of those cells. Obviously obesity is linked to type II diabetes but this article describes the importance of body fat distribution. The KLF14 gene is linked to body fat distribution and not obesity which is why it provides a decreased risk. Genetics do play a big role in someone developing type II diabetes but there are many factors that you can control to prevent this disease. KLF14 is expressed in fat tissue which means the gene affects peoples sensitivity to insulin thus providing positive results. Further research of this gene could lead to treatments for diabetes or even better solutions to manage diabetes besides insulin shots and the harmful medicine out there today.

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