Thursday, February 8, 2024

Genetic Link to Emotional Sensitivity in Stressful Situations

    The article titled “Genetic Link to Emotional Sensitivity in Stressful Situations” sampled 171 students to test the correlation between oxytocin-related gene variants such as CD38 and emotional distress. It was found that students with the AA/AC genotypes reported back with higher emotional distress scores than those with the CC genotype. Females also scored higher with emotional distress and empathy than males did. This study concludes that A allele carriers are more vulnerable to emotional distress than C allele carriers. 

    I think being able to make a distinct correlation between the A allele for CD38 and high levels of emotional distress could be very beneficial. This connection could make it easier to determine if parents will pass down the A allele to children as a predetermination if the child will possibly be susceptible to thoughts of suicide or low mental health. It could also help individuals understand why they feel high levels of emotional distress and better determine what types of situations they can engage themselves in based on their genotypes. 

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